Friends of Riverside ATX Neighborhood Association


A neighborhood association open to everyone

No membership dues. Click on the Join tab at the top of the page. Once you are accepted you will be free to participate in all events and will be added to the mailing list and our social media. You will then be able to join any groups within the organization.


Renters, property owners, business owners, and homeowners are free to join. We aim to represent all the voices in this neighborhood. The whole community will be respected and represented.


We aim to represent the community by highlighting businesses, members, events, and volunteer opportunities. We welcome all in the ERC and surrounding areas.


Meetings are friendly neighborhood get-togethers

Friends of Riverside is a neighborhood association whose primary goal is to build a sustainable and resilient neighborhood. We are residents, renters, property owners, business owners with an understanding that living, working or owning in the Friends of Riverside Neighborhood brings with it a responsibility to come together, utilize our varied views, knowledge and unique experiences to shape and help enrich our community.


    Once a month we meet at a local restaurant or business to, eat, drink, hang out, and show our support for local businesses. It also allows neighbors to get to know each other in an informal settings. Check out the "Calendar" section at the top of the page to verify location and time.

  • Monthly Work Sessions

    Instead of having formal meetings to discuss issues, a monthly “work” session will be organized in our neighborhood. These "work" session activities can include anything from installing raised vegetable beds for seniors, projects for the kids, canoeing/kayaking, trail blazing, tree planting, educational activities with experts in graywater system installation, bike repair, farming, to fruit nut tree care. Whatever interests us and helps us create strong community, we will organize.


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