CodeNEXT and East Riverside Links

  • Imagine Austin, Adopted June 15, 2012

  • East Riverside/Oltorf Combined Neighborhood Plan, Adopted Nov. 16, 2006

  • Current Future Land Use Map, Amended May 4,2017

  • East Riverside Drive Corridor Development Program, December 2013

Mobility components of the East Riverside Corridor

  • CodeNEXT

City website with latest information

  • Austin Bike Plan, Adopted Nov. 6, 2014

  • The Code of the City of Austin, Texas

Current Municipal Code

  • City Master Plans

Online Tools and Resources

  • City Data 

Population and Demographics 

Fine grained breakdown of neighborhoods statistics.

  • Project Connect: Proposed 1st line of Urban Rail, 2014  

  • East Riverside Drive Mobility Program

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