July 8, 2015


How can I join?

Click on the red “join” tab located on the homepage and follow the instructions.

What can I expect at your meetings?

New faces, new ideas, new updates. Come meet your neighbors, have friendly discussions about what’s going on in the Riverside area and support local businesses. We suggest you check out our calendar for future meetings.

Can a neighborhood in Austin have more than one neighborhood association?

Yes. The City of Austin has no limitation on how many neighborhood associations can exist in the same neighborhood. To learn more about creating a neighborhood association, visit this link.

How long does registration take?

We will do our best to respond to all registration requests within 3 business days.

Do I have to live in the East Riverside Corridor (ERC) to join?

Although we prefer that you have some type of association in the ERC, we do not limit our membership to only residents of the area. Anyone who lives, works, plays or owns property in the East Riverside area can join Friends of Riverside ATX.


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